D-Link 1-Port Gigabit POE+ Splitter

The DPE-301GS PoE splitter provides Gigabit Ethernet and high wattage electrical power to connect legacy devices that do not support PoE by separating power and data from a PoE source.

– Provides power over existing network cabling when paired with a Power Source Equipment (such as the DPE-301GI) to a non-PoE device
– Reduces installation and network equipment costs by removing the need for electrical wiring
– Receives power up to 100 meters away
– Compatible with all standard PoE devices and restricts power input to avoid damaging Power Sourcing Equipment
– Supports 5 V, 9 V, and 12 V output voltages


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DPE-301GS D-Link 1-Port Gigabit POE+ Splitter

More Powerful PoE: Bring the benefits of more powerful IEEE 802.3at PoE to non-PoE devices with this compact and costeffective PoE solution.

Bring Power Anywhere: Support existing non-PoE devices and add new devices even where there are no outlets without using extension cords or installing electrical infrastructure.

More Flexibility: Install devices easily by simply setting the correct output voltage (5 V, 9 V, or 12 V) and plugging in Ethernet cables; no additional software is required.

Powers More Devices

Remotely connect a wider variety of more power demanding devices with the DPE-301GS. The DPE-301GS outputs up to 5 V DC, 9 V DC, or 12 V DC, making it better able to cope with the demands of surveillance cameras, 802.11ac networking devices, security equipment, and even consumer electronics.

Greater Flexibility

Network administrators can use the DPE-301GS to deploy wireless LAN devices and cameras in hard-to-reach places such as entryways, rooftops, ceilings, or any other place not usually in close proximity to a power outlet. This means that administrators can position network devices where they will be most effective, rather than having to settle for less desirable locations due to the limited availability of power, use unsightly extension cables, and avoid the hassle and expense of installing new electrical wiring.

Reliable Connectivity

The DPE-301GS can be powered using an IEEE 802.3af/at power supply that has overcurrent protection. Its high efficiency DC-DC converter provides an output short-circuit protection to avoid damaging the connected device.

Categories PoE Splitter
Brand D-Link
Warranty Limited 1 year warranty
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